• Alon Waller

trying to explain what exactly you are doing online ...

If you've been online for more than a year, you probably got the following answer too, after trying to explain what exactly you are doing online ... "Mmm, I didn't understand what you are doing online, can you even make a living out of it ?! ". And the truth is... It's pretty hard to explain what you are doing for 3 types of people: 1. Previous generation people - for example, to my mother, there is no idea what exactly I am doing. 2. Skeptical people - those who live by their contemporary reality and refuse to believe that there is something better. 3. Employed people - They have no time to be up to date on everything that's happening online. So the purpose of this email ?! Is to make you know how to pull out one short sentence which will also create an aha moment to the 3 hardest types of people! Because when it happens... You can magnetize a lot of potential customers as never happened to you! But here's the problem... It's usually called an elevator speech, for the reason you need to know to release your pitch sale while it takes the elevator to get off the top floor to the bottom, which is about 30 seconds... But today to keep a stranger's attention for 30 seconds is an exaggerated requirement. Hence... Today I'll teach you how to do this one in Cobra Style. Get to know the "Cobra Bite" I just invented. The time it takes for you to make your pitch of what you are doing, to a stranger just been beaten by a snake and is in shock for the first 10 seconds. And the after effect ?! Just as the wound begins to burn, turns red and painful in the first few hours Post-bite... That's how your "Cobra Bite" message should burn him in the brain for many hours and days too after your first bite. Pleasure. So here's the "Cobra Blessing" I put together for myself... I help entrepreneurs discover new opportunities online through utilizing large buyers' platforms to produce more revenue channels, a vast client list, and a lifetime business insurance certificate - fun, easy, and fast. Feel free to check me out, it takes me 9 seconds to say it. So are you building one for yourself ?! Your cobra bite must include these 5 components of the following formula: 1. Mega-benefits to a specific avatar. 2. Blowing out curiously. 3. Use of controversial words. 4. A belief that he can do it easily and quickly too. 5. Provides the avatar a sense of security. Let's check the formula again for my submission! I help entrepreneurs discover new opportunities online (1). Through utilizing large buyers' platforms (2 + 3). To generate additional profit channels for them (1). A vast Customer List (1). Lifetime business insurance certificate (5). Fun, fast, and easy (4). And now? It's time to build for yourself your "Cobra Bite"! Here is to your breakthrough Alon P.S Want me to help you build your "Cobra Bite"? Send me what you got by the formula in private or by email, and I'll make sure to sharpen it, and produce extra venom!

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