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The Biggest Secret for Differentiating Your Business from Others…

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Amazing day, Cobra.

Do you know the most secretive famous coffee shop in Rome?

“Sant'eustachio” Coffee in Rome – every day

they are selling around 4000 coffee cups!

In a country where coffee consumption is the largest in the world and excellent coffee shop can be found on every corner…

It is hard to stand out and attract customers to your bar of all others, isn’t it?

Because if we lower our prices, not only will our profit will be cut but we’ll attract lower-class crowd.

And the disaster will happen…

When we increase our prices back later on, when in our daily routine there are enough Italian customers who choose to wake up and come to our coffee shop.

So, playing with the price is not an option for a coffee shop who wants to eliminate the competitors.

Maybe it is better to invest in the design of the bar?

When it comes to Italians in Rome, which I know personally because I used to live there for 5 years, the more authentic look the better (maybe someday I’ll tell you about the authentic hairdresser who gave me a haircut ????)

So designing the bar to a modern look or even one that imitates authenticity will not make a difference.

So what will attract customers?!?!?!

That’s the question that Ricci’s family asked themselves.

They had to crack this challenge in order to fulfill their dream to be the Number 1 coffee in Rome and provide for their old and sick parents who financed this move with all their money.


Was not an option.

Because then they would need to say goodbye to their parents as they won’t be able to afford their medicines.

What they did was genius from a marketing perspective and is based on the most ancient principles of human nature.

They used...


They would invite several different types of coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala and Costa Rica…

The coffee would arrive in Trieste in Northeast Italy where it was packed Inside a hangar, hidden from the public eye.

In this hangar, they “cooked up” the secret and an exact blend of each coffee bean into a yellow package.

A branded truck with the secret coffee logo goes out of Trieste and reaches Rome after about 10 hours on the roads.

The coffee blend is brought through a backdoor into the roasting room in which only 5 people are authorized to enter – the Ricci brothers plus 3 coffee roasting experts only.

And in the end?

The coffee machine stands on a bar in front of the crowd while it’s hidden behind a metal cover, branded with the coffee shop logo.

You see Cobra. What the Ricci brothers did there?

They turned this whole process to super intriguing while making their coffee unique and excellent.

While the other competitors around them were buying ready-made coffee beans from “Lavazza”, “Illy” and their fellows…

The Ricci’s brothers brought something new, sparkles and super intriguing into the world!

Just think about the people who got into this mysterious coffee shop, see a long queue of repeated customers and curious people…

standing in line and when they reach their turn they suddenly realize that even the coffee machine is not revealed to them as in other coffee shops.

Their curiosity increase…

And the combination with this special coffee (I had tasted it, and it’s amazing!) makes the whole experience be magnified and make us return to this coffee shop again and again.

How does it relate to us?

We can add some mysterious element to our service or advertising.

Starting with an intriguing post or an ad… Through a secret closing gift in the following email…

maybe even a secretive digital product…

Why does it take a radical change to see different success results?

A wise mentor once told me…

“The situation in which you are today is a fruit of all the good and bad habits that you do every day”

and so… Radical different actions on a daily basis (like a morning routine) will quickly lead to wonderful results in business as well as in our private life.

To your breakthrough to a secretive service,


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