• Alon Waller

These are the 3 iron principles for a successful online business in this decade...

Interviewer: "Jeff, what do you think is going to change in the coming decade? " Jeff: "I have no idea." Interviewer: "But they say Amazon is always watching and operates a few years before everyone else. " Jeff: "That's because you asked the wrong question." Interviewer: "What do you mean ?!" Jeff: "The right question I ask myself is what's not going to change in the next 10 years?" The interviewer laughs awkwardly... Interviewer "So what's not going to change in the coming decade?" Jeff: "3 things." "1. People want to have a bigger selection. " "2. People will want to buy cheaper. " "3. People will want to get the products faster. " "And these are also the 3 most important principles for Amazon's future." "Otherwise, we won't survive ..." Understand what happened here ?! You got a glimpse now into the mind of an entrepreneur, and the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO. While everyone thinks and is afraid of what is going to change over the next decade (and some indeed have a good reason for fear) ... Jeff makes a small twist on the question and drives his monster by the iron principles of what's not going to change in a decade the upcoming decade and even in the next 25 years! So now let's ask a Bezos style question but when it comes to online business. So what's not going to change in the online business ?! 3 things. 1. Ability to draw attention to your products and services. 2. Ability to build a warm audience and human connection in a cold technological environment. 3. Ability to bring measurable results to your customers in which they are interested. Try to evade one of these principles ?! You will find yourself no longer relevant in the market and will not survive. These principles also hint at the gap that will widen and widen between businesses that are capable of meeting these principle, and those who oppose them. If today the market is divided by Pareto law to 20% of the businesses that take 80% of the loot online ?! So resistance to these principles will lead into "The Pareto of Pareto" law, which means only 4% of businesses take 96% of the loot online. Why?! Because... 1. The ability to attract attention will become more difficult and leave only the strongest in the game, those what works in a strategy of advertising all the time, streaming more paying customers and making a profit mainly from follow-on products. 2. The ability to build an audience and keep it interested with you for long enough, demands consistency and "important - not urgent" actions from you, before you even see results - Ability and understanding 80% of businesses today do not have. 3. The ability to bring measurable results to your customers, not run away from them, or call them evasive names Like "Rank, Likes, Promotion, and Exposure…" is difficult, and any business that never puts it at the height of focus will fail to do so. But if you follow these 3 iron principles ?! Fuck. You will have a great life, full of challenges, exploded in action, full of failures and successes, and feeling you're alive like you've never felt before! Here is to your breakthrough. Alon . . P.S If you are an Amazon seller and did not you understand Bezos's message ?! So let me help you understand... According to Amazon's principles: 1. It will always encourage competition and reduce risk. 2. It will always promote cheaper products. 3. It will charge the sellers their fast shipping prices. In other words, Amazon is working on a Win-Win-Lose strategy. First Win - The Customers. Second Win - Amazon. Lose - 3rd party Sellers operating in Amazon's sandbox. Don't misunderstand... Selling on Amazon is still fantastic and makes some money. But I already got the trend somewhere by the end 2017, and it took me almost a year to establish more profit channels on parallel platforms (Appstore, Airbnb, and more...). I personally would not trust Bezos and Amazon as a sole profit channel to provide for my family. But that's just me. I hope your aha moment arrives faster than mine... So if you are an Amazon seller, you are going pretty well, and you want to leverage yourself on other platforms? Send me a message back and see if you can.

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