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The three things I'm most sorry for in 2019 ..

The average person does an introspection twice a year - Once on his birthday and a second time at the end of the year.

Usually, this mental account fades away Less than 48 hours after it happens... And then to the surprise of the average person ?! He has been in the same spot since his last introspection - only a few months older. Enough times this happens... And the average person already stops believing in himself in defining goals and dreams that clearly there is no way he is going to get them. Hence the average person's way of getting infected by the chronic disease of mediocrity is concise. And no matter how much I write about it... Still, 90% of people will remain mediocre for their entire life. But for me, even if there is one person currently reading these lines and feeling they were written for him, and decides to make 2020 and the next decade dream a reality for him? So it was worth my while to invest time to write this email. So how can you make this happen this time ?! Before I tell you how to do it with 100% success rates... I'll give you a hint of how I do it in any period of introspection (every 90 days in my case). Stay with me even if you think the next issue is not related to this email... Here are the 3 things I was most sorry for in 2019. 1. I've invested too much time in failed collaborators! This is what my annual time investment looked like...

From the 1647 hours I spent, I realized 10% of that time was spent in failed collaborations! For the average person to spend 164 extra hours about things that don't work, is peanuts. But for me, it means I could do another month of tremendous results in my company which would produce a $ 100k profit minimum. And so in 2020, I'm taking the lesson I learned about examining collaborations, and know how to say "no!", to any partnership that just smells to me like one to require lots of my time and energy to succeed. 2. I didn't get enough Webinars done this year! If you haven't done a Webinar (Live Event online) in your life, you will never understand the energy there is in such a broadcast. Hundreds of people connected to you on your computer, you give them your best value, allowing them the opportunity to improve their lives as well Viewers are with you live, asking questions and get real-time crackings from you causing them to grab their heads at the end of the broadcast and say to themselves in mind... "How the hell did I not know this before ?!" And so in 2020, I'm going up to a Webinar once a month where I will reveal things we have discovered leveraging through new platforms and advanced digital marketing (the last funnel we cracked is scary!). 3. I didn't make enough investments in 2019! Most online entrepreneurs primarily geared toward creating more money, but at some point you understand equally important is the ability to maintain about enough of it (taxes and lifestyle expenses), and know how to make money work for you. In other words, there are 3 steps each successful online entrepreneur must go through and specialize in them: 1. Make more money. 2. Save more money. 3. Invest more money. In my case... The facts on the ground say I'm pretty good in steps one and two, but a disgrace in step 3. And so by 2020, I'm going to put murderous focus on step 3... Welcome to check me out a year from now!

And now? Do you understand how to make introspect not to repeat itself ever again ?! Here is to your breakthrough Alon . .

P.S Average entrepreneur = 2 introspection failures a year (birthday and year-end). Serious entrepreneur = 4 introspection per year (every 90 days) + secret system added to prevent their failure. In the last post, I gave you a hint how exactly does this system work... Can you guess what the secret system is? Waiting for your answer on the other side, I'll share with you my full system!

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