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The SECRET I discovered in an ancient book of sixty years is revealed...

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Have you ever thought about the difference between strategy and tactic?

I can assure you, at the end of this email, you will not only understand the difference between these two...

But more importantly, you will have an AHA moment about your hysterical behavior of Social Media Information consumption we call "Information Junky"

The secret is hidden...

in understanding the difference between the information flowing online these days and that in books over 50 years of age.

These days...

The shared information you find in every corner teaches you TACTICS to successfully achieving a goal.

In the past...

The information found in books was about the STRATEGY of successfully achieving a goal.

So what is the crucial difference between the two?

The Tactic is just like a trend.

As fast as it is revealed to the world as fast it vanishes.

The tactic is just like a trend.

As fast as it is revealed to the world as fast it vanishes.

The STRATEGY on the other hand...

It is imprinted to the brain, operating on our survival mechanisms and therefore...

Will always stay with us.

Would you like an example?

Let's take basketball as an example.

The strategy = Lebron James gets the ball 3 meters away from the hoop with only one player guarding him.

The tactic = all the other players switching places on the opposite side of the basketball court, waiting for the "right moment".

The Opposite team?

Will quickly understand the tactics of the movement of the players, therefor could fairly quickly learn and adapt their defense.


It will take much longer for them to discover the strategy behind the scenes and understand how to manage it (if they could).

Why is that?

The reason is various tactics can lead to the strategy's target - having Lebron James free to score from the areas he has the highest score rates.

Let's take another example

The difference between a symptom and a medical condition.

Some doctors would manage a solution for a symptom rather the cause or source of the medical condition.

Got a headache? Here are some pain killers when actually you might be dehydrated rehydration would be the best treatment.


Take anti-depressant pill when maybe something at work is bothering you...

Grinding your teeth at night?

Put a device between your teeth, where you might be exploding with stress in your life...

Why am I telling you this?

Because when you fulfill the craving, the junky needs all day long in symptoms of the tactics kind such as...

"How to make $10,000 over the next 24 hours without investing a single dime?"

Even if sometimes it might work...

Just the fact itself you found the information the way you did, suggests... often the information has most likely already expired!

And that's what happens to every limited time tactics in the online world.

Alon, What do you suggest we do?

Only when you uncover the true strategy hiding behind tactics...

You actually solve your medical condition rather than treating the symptom.

And there?

That's where the big money really is!


You probably will not see it wondering on facebook.


Because those working hard uncovering strategies are those eventually releasing the tactics to the world (for profit). The tactics will work for a limited time (till everyone knows it).

To your breakthrough Alon

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