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How to Break Records in online business Again and Again

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

On August 16th, 2008 history was made, The world stopped breathing and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Usain Bolt broke the norm of human physiology, Setting a new record in the 100-meter race when the clock stopped on 9.69 seconds and re-ignited the question that kept the researchers busy…

What is the maximum speed a human can run?

12 years before that,

An American runner named Michael Johnson broke a world record in the 200-meter race and then decided to quit.

Why? Johnson claimed he had already achieved his goal of breaking the world record...

And so he didn’t have more goals to achieve.

And Bolt on the other hand? 1 year after setting world record he did it again!

In the 2009 Olympics in Berlin, Bolt stunned everyone again when he crossed the finish line and stopped the clock at 9.58 seconds.

Bolt explained that he did it again by following his goals setting plans

which is based on the “Time Intervals” technique

He analyzed all the physiological parameters that had helped him set a world record for the first time and decided to improve each one of them towards the race in the following year by pre-defined time intervals.

The system of setting goals is the basis for the success of anything you will do

In private life For example, want to lose weight? You should analyze where you stand today in terms of sports and nutrition lifestyle and set goals for every measurable parameter (like a fat percentage) at time intervals of 30 days, 90 days and 1 year from your first measurements.

In a generic manner By setting clear goals for the medium and long run you can set more detailed goals for shorter periods - weeks and days and these will lead you safely to accomplishing the goals you set for yourself (and moving to the next ones).

And in online business specifically? If we don’t plan our goals for 2018 we won’t be able to accomplish them and in the best case scenario, we will get the same results of 2017…

I don’t know about you, but I want to increase my business every year, 10 times more since we are living in the internet world where the only limit We have is in our mind and our thoughts.

Therefore, I built a detailed, well defined and organized plan Which I will teach you to build for yourself in an exclusive workshop.

Just aim to the moon and even if you hit somewhere nearby You will still get a much better result than if you had not set any measurable goals to accomplish.

Here's to your breakthrough Alon

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