• Alon Waller

My best advice to those who haven't yet got a breakthrough on the internet..

Ever thought how terrible it is

to live with a person like you?

First of all, I'm talking about who

always with you, 24/7, 365 days a year.


I am talking about you, yourself.

So how terrible is it to live

with a person like you ?!

An undisciplined person who works

without goals set for himself and always

delaying his tasks, and continues to lie to

himself that he is progressing somewhere.

A person who is not satisfied with the

level of his current income but does

shit all to fix it, and instead just complaining

all the time how unfair the world is and how

he always gets screwed.

A person who is unhappy with what he looks

like, with the sport, he doesn't do, and the

non-healthy food he eats daily to feel good

with himself.

A scared man, scared of his own shadow,

he thinks a million times before every action

he does, afraid to publicly say what he thinks

or feels.

A man whose best habit he developed over

the years is to compromise on being a mediocre,

skeptical, and lame person.

A man looking to please the whole world and

his wife instead of putting himself first and not

giving a shit on everyone else until he achieves

his goals.

A person who is continually running away from

sales and not realizing that as an entrepreneur

first and foremost, you need to know how to sell

yourself, your product, or idea - and only later do

what you think you are an expert of.

So if you answered "yes, that's me" on

at least one of the descriptions above ?!

So, hell, it's time for you to wake up too

and take yourself and everyone you care

about to the standard of living they deserve.

You don't deserve it.

They deserve it.

You don't deserve anything and nothing

before you've proven yourself in real results

in your pocket, body, mindset, goals, overcoming

fears, loathe mediocrity, stop pleasing everyone

leaving yourself frustrated for life.

And if it's hard for you to hear

the truth so directly from me ?!

So think how hard it is for

you to live with yourself ?!


Think how hard it is for people

surrounding you to live with

a person like you ?!

A man who promises his spouse this time

it is different, but in practice every time they

wonder again, how you are not bringing home


A person who chronically waste time, with

productivity of a coma patient, never finishing

things to the end, and get surprised he has no

time left to be with his children.

A lazy, indecisive man who lacks focus and

doesn't understand that until his bad habits

change radically, everything will remain the

same, and the first ones will be hurt are the

family and their relatives.

Harsh email, I know.

But if that's what it takes to make you extremely

honest with yourself, make you recognize the

weaknesses and lies, acknowledge your fears,

and know not to run away from them...

So I do not doubt the next decade online will see

you have the right side in terms of money in your

pocket, and just as important in terms of recognizing

you as an expert and a successful man in business

that everyone wants to consult.

Here is to your breakthrough



I am willing to help you personally if you

are committed to your success and to

make a radical change in how you conduct

yourself today.

If you think you're a fit ?!

There is a chance this is the email you have

been waiting for to change your life to what

you've always dreamed of.

We will check for a match together

on the other side of the email.

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