• Alon Waller

How to know all the warning signs in advance in 2020?

Do you know how the Chinese tortured

people not obeying the law or betraying

the state in the past?

Let me introduce:


The ancient method of torture the

Chinese invented and other Asian

countries adopted quickly

"Slow death" and "ongoing death" are

two nicknames to this Chinese torture.

But the most common name perhaps

you've heard of it already...

Death by a thousand cuts.

With this method, you would use

a super sharp knife, to remove small

parts of the skin in the body of the

person accused in betrayal.

All this to humiliate him in public, to

show passersby what happens if they

choose to betray the state, and cause

the accused to suffer for as long as

possible until he finally dies.

Bummer, right?

To receive a small, painful cut each time

takes the focus for a moment from the

other cuts already you suffered and are

already preparing you for the next cut.

After 100 years of the massive use of

the "Death from a thousand cuts" method,

China's law decided that torture is too

cruel and inhuman even to the most

severe criminals.

But the truth is...

"Death from thousands of cuts"

is with us even today.

But in a different way and with

a different name.

Do you understand...

Before an online business fails,

small cuts emerge through the

skin and start to bleed.

And those cuts ?!

These are the warning signs that

the business owner chose to ignore

and continue to take action "against"

the results of reality.

What are the warning signs

I'm talking about?

There are many of them, but the

most painful is...

Starting with steadily increasing

price to get a paying customer,

through a lack of significant growth

over the past year, and to customers

who choose not to come back to buy

from you.

And the excuses you tell yourself once

you encounter a warning sign after another?

"Ahh, everyone now sells less well."

"In the summer months, there is no money for people to pay."

"Ahh, now the holiday season, people are too busy."

These are just symptoms causing

a severe problem waiting for the

moment to break through and eliminate

the business.

So what's the solution?

If you stop ignoring your warning signs

and start treating them as clues to

a problem, you anticipate could break out.

So the very fact you paid attention and

focus has already done 80% of the work.

And now?

There is only one small and correct

move left to eliminate the problem...

Long before it breaks out, torture and

bleed your business up to total death.

Here is to your breakthrough



If you think there are warning signs today

that jeopardize the future of your business

and causes you to feel...



Lack of confidence.



So it's probably one of

the following warning signs:

1. A business that does not generate enough sales to continue to exist.

2. An increasing cost of getting paid customers.

3. Existing customers who choose not to buy from you again.

4. That someone else controls you in the business (like Amazon, for example).

5. Other (add here).

Feel free to share with me

the warning sign's number (1 to 5).

And on my end?

I Will send you a lightning solution

to prevent you from going through

"death by a thousand cuts" in your


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