• Alon Waller

The fear of dying turned to fear of failure

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

We are running away from opportunities instead of predators, But it only happens to those who... allow their primitive brain to control all their activities.


The spot you are in today?

It's exactly where you should be, so you can learn what you need, so you can become the person you want to be.


The fears and worries are preventing you from doing just that!

Imagine you are facing the end of your life and are afraid of dying.

Would you like to know what is the biggest fear at this point in my future?

The feeling I have done nothing meaningful when I still had the chance to.

I couldn't... • Spend enough time with my little Milo because I was working late • Maintain the relationship with my wife as I was working overtime • Have enough money to help my parents when they needed me • Change the lives of enough people

The meaning is, the fear I will be forgotten is stronger than the fear of dying

I remember laughing about it with Idan my brother in our last meeting in Bali.

We wanted to hire a private helicopter to take us from the exotic island to Gili's island.

We joked that there is a good chance a helicopter in Bali with 2 Israeli's in it can be breaking news for...

"At least 2 dead in an Indonesian helicopter crash"

But then?

We began a serious discussion about how happy we are from our achievement so far.


A wonderful warm sensation of satisfaction flowed through my body.


When you manage your greatest fears every day and overcome them one after the other...

Your self-esteem shoots up creating a momentum turning you into an "overachieving junky like"

the bottom line?

When you manage to replace the fear with truly believing in yourself, ONLY then you will start getting mega successes in your life.

An outsider will see it as miracles and think you are very lucky.

But deep inside you will know, these are no miracles...

But winning first prize for overcoming your fears!

Here’s to your breakthrough Alon


It is told that behind our biggest fear today hiding the biggest opportunity for us to grab and leapfrog to the next level

So let me ask you a personal question...

What is your biggest fear?

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