• Alon Waller

the dreams killers [pleasure to meet]

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

There is one person in the world who is responsible for killing 99.9% of entrepreneurs dreams in their first years.

And this person?

Doesn't hate us. Not at all.

Far from it!

That person cares for us

Very much...

You know what?

That person is the person who loves us the most!

Have you already guessed who it is?


Your spouse.

I want you to step into your spouse's shoes.

In most cases?

We are not talking about someone with - similar dreams and goals like yours.

We are not talking about someone with - similar surroundings as yours (usually an employee)

We are not talking about someone whom - experiencing the same emotional roller coaster we are experiencing in business.

24 hours in the day of the Cobra:


Using 100% logical thinking?

There is no reason we should listen to our spouse in anything relating to our digital entrepreneurship journey, career

But in the real world...

We are 99.9% emotional creatures with 0.01% logical thinking

So ignoring or not considering the opinion of the closest person to us, who only wants the best for us is not something we can afford doing regularly.

(unless you want to get a divorce...)

So what do we do?

We need to turn the tables!

Which means

Knowing how to take a mixed emotions subject such as first years digital entrepreneurship, where we spend tons of time, energy and money...

And turn it to an uncompromised commitment to prove to our spouse we are hungry for success and will achieve it no matter what!

Pay attention!

Building a successful, ultra profitable business often takes a few years, so it takes time until we actually see profit in numbers we use to think is only exists for those winning the lottery.

Assuming we have the appropriate supportive Surroundings to resist the pressure from our family and closest friends


If the commitment is "short-lived" then you probably can announce your spouse with the honorary title of " Dreams Killer"

Bottom line?

It is your responsibility to protect your career from any dreams killers in the world.

If it is important enough for you to succeed in any cost, you will find a way to create the supportive surroundings that will serve you best in achieving your dreams and goals.

Here's to your breakthrough achieving your dreams & goals.



Not all spouses are dreams killers.

Definitely not.

There are supportive spouses out there, with outmost care for the other party's Happiness and satisfaction.

And in my case?

My wife supported me every step of the way, every decision I made.


Even when I lost thousands of dollars in my first years in eCommerce.

So if your spouse is the same?

You win.

But if not...

Never forget that no one, no one will scale up or burry your online business except...


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