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Dig and become rich?

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Surely you have heard this phrase before


You are probably unfamiliar with the story behind it!

Dig and become rich?!

In the gold fever era, California around 1850 a fella named Derby tells how his cousin and him were only 1 meter away from millions, and a lifetime of wealth.

The cousin refused to believe the background voices of that time claiming "more gold is being harvested in the brains of the diggers the earth of our world."

He went on a mission with a shovel and faith he is going to hit the jackpot.

While he is digging for many hours...


He found traces of pure gold, which only increased as he was digging.

Astonished and excited, he decides to cover the hole he dug and hide his tracks, so he can return to this Potential gold mine with more advanced digging tools.

He gathers friend and family, inviting Mr Derby to join him on the mission.

They purchase the required tools, make their way to the site and... start digging

Quickly they notice the golden trail shining beneath the wet dirt

But as hours pass by, and the party is digging dipper and dipper

The trail, the traces decrease and disappear


The party starts to loos their faith with every meter dug just increases their worries, their fear they will find nothing else.

The faith sneaks away The whole in the pocket for all the equipment they purchased is becoming dipper...

24 hours later?

They decide to stop the mission to try manage the expanses and losses.

But they didn't even have the cash to get back home!


They sold the equipment for a few hundreds of dollars to someone living nearby, collecting scrap metal so they can return home.

This scrap collector heard their story, decides to go consult with a mining expert

The expert claimed the failure the two have had could have been due to a mistake in the digging direction

After an hour of calculation the expert claimed there is a high chance the gold is a meter away from the place, the two unlucky ones gave up.

The scrap collector starts digging with the mining expert...

They find a gold mine worth millions!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because of one of the most common mistakes us entrepreneurs make in the internet era

Is the habit to give up when they face temporary defeat

At the time giving up seems easy and logical Here 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail to enter and to exit online business adventure

But the reality is?

The top 500 most rich in the USA states their biggest success came, straight after a temporary failure considering giving up!

To your breakthrough Alon

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