• Alon Waller

2009, April, shortly after easter.

יום שישי 14 פברואר 2020


2009, April, shortly after easter.

I was 22 years old.

I just landed in Rome to start

working in airport security.

I walked around the block and entered Piazza Trilussa In Trastevere district, for me, it was the most special in town.

Sitting on the steps of the fountain and

licking Vanilla flavoured ice cream

with crunchy chocolate explosions.

I see a big guy of African descent male

in front of me selling imitations of branded

handbags the most famous brands in the market.

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and similar....

The bags are on a red, rectangular blanket.

The guy looks very scared, continually looking

around the corner, he seemed apprehensive

from something.


He found exactly what he was looking for.

He grabs his blanket at two opposite ends,

fold it in less than 3 seconds with all the bags

inside, puts it on the shoulder, and starts running


A run that would not embarrass Yossain Bolt in

the 100 final meters in the Olympics.

And after he's gone in the dark?

I understood what he was running away from.

A pair of Italian police officers in an exaggerated

tight uniform going into the piazza, also licking ice

cream, looking for the next victim to go into custody.

Most of the tourists sitting next to me on

the piazza stairs, start laughing at the

African guy and even bet among themselves

if he manages to sell a bag day or not.

But this African guy?

Probably much more advanced than

them at least when it comes to acting

like an entrepreneur.

Do you understand...

Most people will always aspire to stay

in a convenient and familiar area.

Whether it is...

Staying at work as employees, telling

stories they want to change and deserve

more for their hard work.

Or whether it is...

After seeing success online, switch to protection mod for maintaining the existing, and not continue to attack to open more parallel profit channels.

The African guy understands something

most people don't understand.

Whether he will sell a bag today or not

depends on the place, he is at, in terms of:

1. The amount of traffic containing the avatar.

2. The number of offers in the Piazza.

The number of people who can be interested

in what he has to offer is pretty clear.

But the number of offers in the Piazza?

Divided into the number of offers from his

competitors in the Piazza.

I hope you know this...

But also something you may not have noticed...

To the number of offers he has in the red blanket.

And here is a relevant law that works even

better online than offline!

Your income is proportional to

the number of offers you have.

Now, you don't understand this law until

you release enough offers to the world,

some of which you fall, and some you

knock a home run, and only then you

get the aha moment.

So if you disagree with this law, you haven't

released enough suggestions to date :)

Here is to your breakthrough



Answer in private...

How many offers do you have today?

Maybe I can throw you one critical piece of advice

to double your bids (and revenue)...

Without having to fold the red blanket

of yours and flee to darkness, when you realize you haven't achieved enough income while you had a chance to do this.


Of course, you will stay in the spot, and out of the game.

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